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Crestron Home - Self Paced Online Training

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Crestron Home - Self Paced Online Training

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Crestron Home

For a deeper dive into Crestron Home, here is where you’ll find a rich selection of online courses from the basics through to video distribution. These courses are built to get you up to speed or quickly hone your skill set.

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Video Content:

Steps to Upgrading to Crestron Home OS 3 from OS 2 (1:49)

This video walks you through the simple upgrade path from the OS2 version to the new OS3 for Crestron Home. Whether the hardware is new out of the box or an existing system, you will have the details to successfully get Crestron Home OS3 working quickly.


Adding a User Interface Device to Crestron Home OS 3 (2:47)

Whether you are familiar with OS2 or starting with OS3, this video will show you how you can easily add a user interface device to the system in just a few steps.


Preparing a TSW-xx60 touch panel for Crestron Home OS3 (2:01)

When preparing to add the TSW-xx60 touch panel to Crestron Home OS3, you may need to complete some additional steps. In this video you will learn how to identify which upgrade path is needed to add a TSW-xx60 Touch Panel to the Crestron Home OS3.


Working with Crestron Home OS3 and Apple HomeKit (4:47)

This video provides simple instructions for pairing Sonos devices and adding them to rooms.