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Marshall Electronics, Inc.

For over 30 years, Marshall has been a trusted provider of high quality and reliable video, audio and multimedia systems for Broadcast Video, Pro A/V, Pro Audio and OEM applications worldwide. Marshall is dedicated to supplying the Pro A/V market with innovative POV and PTZ cameras, format converters, conferencing microphones and production equipment without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Model: CV503-U3

The Marshall CV503-U3 is a straight forward USB3.0 HD camera with interchangeable lenses, software agnostic for universal application, settings adjustable via UVC1.5 and offers simple plug-and-play co
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Marshall Electronics Introduces the 27" 2560x1440 Resolution Quad-Viewer Monitor
Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013
 El Segundo, CA (March 18, 2013) – Marshall Electronics introduces the 27" 2560x1440 
Resolution Quad-Viewer Monitor. The Quad-Viewer has four independent 3G-SDI 
inputs to enable users to view four channels at once scaled to the highest resolution. 
Users can take advantage of the convenience of an all-in-one monitor without sacrificing 
the visual quality of the four input sources. 
The QVW-2710 Quad-Viewer Monitor features an all-digital TFT-MegaPixel active 
matrix LCD system with 2560 x1440 (QHD) native resolution. Three different quad 
layouts are available and the side-by-side mode allows any two consecutive channels to 
be viewed on the screen at one time. In-Monitor Display allows on-screen text and tally 
indication, controlled locally or remotely via a variety of industry standard protocols. 
“Generally, you need separate monitors to achieve the kind of image quality and the 
selection of features available in the QVW-2710, said Marshall Electronics Sales 
Manager Rob Foster. “The QVW-2710 is a cost-effective" all-in-one" solution for post 
production houses, broadcasters, and mobile units.” 
The On Screen Display shows an embedded time code, embedded audio presence 
indicator and closed caption presence indicator for 608/708 captions. Stereo audio can be 
monitored for the selected SDI input through a front panel headphone jack. The rear 
panel Line out stereo jack user to process stereo audio for the selected SDI input. 
The QVW-2710 supports audio bars and markers. In addition, it has USB and Ethernet 
ports and an RS-422/485 port with pass-through. 
Additional features include color temperature adjustment, aspect ratio settings, blue-only 
mode, and monochrome mode. Pixel-to-Pixel mode allows native display of any 
incoming image format. Users can set four function buttons to their desired settings for 
quick access and adjustment.