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Listen Technologies Announces The Availability Of Three New MultiLoop™ Drivers
Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2013
Listen Technologies Announces The Availability Of Three New MultiLoop™ Drivers

Listen Technologies expands its Hearing Loop offerings in the Americas, with its distribution partner Ampetronic to meet the growing needs for professional audio Hearing Loop systems.

Bluffdale, Utah, USA — Listen Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of Ampetronic’s MLD5, MLD7 and MLD9 MultiLoop™ Drivers for Hearing Loop Phased Array systems. 

“These MultiLoop™ Drivers are part of the new ‘benchmark range’ for professional audio Hearing Loop systems,” shared Mike Griffitt, Listen/Ampetronic Hearing Loop Certified Instructor at Listen Technologies. “In the past, a Hearing Loop Phased Array systems used to require two separate loop drivers and a 90° Phase Shifter which would take up valuable rack space. Now, all of that is delivered in an elegant, sturdy compact unit, requiring only a single 19” rack mount unit. Ampetronic, already the recognized world leader Hearing Loop manufacturer has set a new standard for professional audio with these drivers.”  

Highlights of the MultiLoop™ Drivers include: 

·         Ideal for assistive listening applications in places of worship, theaters, schools, conference rooms, training facilities and hotels where Phased Array Hearing Loop systems are required.

·         Deliver even field strength and frequency response over large areas and in the presence of metal structures.

·         Capable of driving a wide variety of multiple loop configurations from multiple simple loops to phase shifted array or, low-spill systems for the most challenging requirements.

·         Deliver years of trouble free service to ensure venues will never disappoint people with T-Coil hearing aids.

·         Optimized sound quality and audio processing ensures that people with T-Coil hearing aids will be delighted with the experience.

·         Design, installation training, support and certification ensure the Hearing Loop system meets the demands of customers, and the IEC 62489-1 induction loop amplifier performance standard. 

“The MLD units are a great step forwards in space efficiency and performance for professional hearing loop systems,  and a step to ever better adoption of quality hearing accessibility” comments Ampetronic Managing Director Julian Pieters. “We have had a great response to the product range already, and are excited to be once again setting benchmarks for our industry.” 


The MLD5, MLD7 and MLD9 MultiLoop™ Drivers will be demonstrated at InfoComm June 12 -14, 2013. Visit Listen Technologies and Ampetronic at Booth #1449. For more information on Hearing Loop systems contact Listen Technologies at +1.801.233.8992.