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Listen Technologies Introduces ListenPoint™ - Audio Structure for Rooms Made Easy
Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Listen Technologies Introduces ListenPoint™ - Audio Structure for Rooms Made Easy

Listen Technologies Corporation announced the launch of ListenPoint™ - Audio Structure for Rooms Made Easy. 

ListenPoint™ is a simple way to provide complete audio infrastructure for small or medium size rooms. ListenPoint™ integrates and amplifies all sound sources – DVD, computer, MP3, teleconferencing, room microphones, and VOIP systems to accelerate participant productivity up to 30%*. ListenPoint™ is ideal for the government, corporate and education markets where the need to accelerate retention and reduce speaker fatigue is an advantage.
“Listen Technologies has always believed in the importance of fully experiencing an event; and that means not missing a single sound. Personally I get excited about providing technology that ensures an experience is truly enriching.” said Russell Gentner, President of Listen Technologies Corporation. “Often small or medium size rooms are overlooked for needing audio structure; when in fact, by amplifying the voice and other sound sources interactions become more productive and effective. I believe that with ListenPoint™ Listen Technologies can pioneer the delivery of audio structure to these rooms.”
Highlights of ListenPoint™ include:
  • Audio Structure for Rooms Made Easy - integrate all your sound sources in small to medium sized rooms to accelerate productivity up to 30%.
  •  Simple to use out of the box OR take it one step further with professional intergration.
  • Integrated VOIP/Skype and SoundStation2 teleconferencing - bring the world into your room.
  • One control dial on the Control Unit does it all - simple.
  • Sound quality - you can hear the difference.
  • Ergonomic design fits most room decors.
The ListenPoint™ line includes three core components; Control Unit, Room Module, and the M1 Microphone Kit.
For more information, a custom quote or no obligation demonstration contact the Listen Sales Team at +1.801.233.8992 or via email at