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Hitachi America - End of Supply: SD-903W
Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Hitachi SD-903W lens is no longer available through Hitachi America, Ltd. For those of you that have open orders, we suggest that you confirm the status with your Hitachi Sales Manager, the Hitachi Operations Department, or your Distribution partner.

The direct replacement for this end of supply model is SD-903 and is currently in stock. 9000 Series Projector and Lens Bundles will have new part numbers. Below is a chart comparing these models.

 Old Model

CP-HD9320 - SD-903W

CP-HD9321 - SD-903W

CP-WX9210 - SD-903W

CP-WX9211 - SD-903W

CP-WU9410 - SD-903W

CP-WU9411 - SD-903W

CP-WU9100B - SD-903W

New Model

CP-HD9320 - SD-903

CP-HD9321 - SD-903

CP-WX9210 - SD-903

CP-WX9211 - SD-903

CP-WU9410 - SD-903

CP-WU9411 - SD-903

CP-WU9100B - SD-903

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Please follow up with your Hitachi Sales Manager for any additional questions.

Thank you for your continued support of our Hitachi product line.

Happy Selling!