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Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, creates innovative projection technologies for business, education, rental and staging, and the home. Incorporating industry-leading 3LCD technology, Epson offers installation, interactive and portable projectors designed to deliver quality, reliability and cost-effective performance. To learn more, please visit:

Model: ELPCS01

Take the show on the road with the Epson ELPCS01 Mobile Projector Cart. Designed exclusively for use with PowerLite® 810E/815E extreme short throw projector (sold separately).
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Epson and Vava Settle Projector Brightness Case – Vava Corrects Quoted Lumens from 6,000 to 1,800
Posted on Monday, February 7, 2022

Settlement Underscores Epson's Commitment to Maintain Industry Standards and Support Informed Purchasing Decisions Standards and Support Informed Purchasing Decisions Settlement Underscores Epson's Commitment to Maintain Industry Standards and Support Informed Purchasing Decisions

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. – Feb. 7, 2022 – Epson today announced it has reached a settlement with Vava for its recent lawsuit highlighting deceptive advertising practices for the Vava 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV. Under the terms of the settlement, Vava agreed to correct quoted lumens from the previously misstated 6,000 or 2,500 lumens to 1,800 lumens across varying online and in-store retail venues, reflecting more accurate brightness claims to benefit consumers. Filed in April of 2021, the initial complaint was made as part of Epson's longstanding efforts to ensure the implementation of standards across brands to help consumers making informed purchasing decisions. 

"The results of the settlement help to validate Epson's concerted efforts to ensure that consumers have access to accurate performance claims using industry recognized standards," said Mike Isgrig, vice president, consumer sales and marketing, Epson America. "Vava's actions to correct lumens claims across marketing and promotion vehicles is a step in the right direction to helping provide shoppers accurate performance information."

Epson cautions shoppers to be wary of misleading metrics listed as "Lux," "LED lumens" or "Lamp Brightness" that fail to follow industry standard measurements and therefore materially impact consumer's ability to compare performance of projectors. Measurement for projectors is defined by internationally recognized standards groups, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM). The ICDM publishes the Information Display Measurement Standards (IDMS) where the methodology for measuring projector color brightness and white brightness separately are fully defined. The ISO standard which defines projector measurement methodology is ISO21118:2020. When these standards are followed, there is zero ambiguity regarding how projectors are to be properly measured and compared.  

"Consumers are better off when companies accurately represent key performance claims, helping them to purchase products that meet their viewing expectations, and that is ultimately our goal," said Isgrig.