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BOXLIGHT releases interactive projector with short throw lens
Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2010
BOXLIGHT releases interactive projector with short throw lens




Sunshine Nance
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Boxlight releases interactive projector with short throw lens
Interactive whiteboard technology will never be the same.
Belfair, WA (January 12, 2010) BOXLIGHT announced the release of its short throw version of the unique interactive projector, the ProjectoWrite2/W.
The ProjectoWrite2/W was developed to encompass an entire interactive whiteboard experience in a stand-alone and portable unit. Traditional whiteboards require various hardware components to function – costing many thousands of dollars and requiring complex installation. The ProjectoWrite2/W was created to simplify installation, allow for ease of portability, significantly reduce the expenses typical for interactive solutions, and now features a short throw lens allowing for a 60” surface from 48 inches back and 80” surface from only 64” back.
“Response to our ProjectoWrite2 has been phenomenal; it’s really a see-it to believe-it type product and once anyone gets their hands on the unit, they don’t let go. All my time in the projector industry, I’ve never seen such excitement from our dealers around a product. We’ve incorporated a camera and developed interactive I/R tools allowing full mouse control by simply interacting with the image from virtually any surface.” Says Hank Nance, BOXLIGHT President. “The ProjectoWrite2/W costs about half as much as the traditional electronic whiteboards and is so easy to use that my 4 year old daughter is able to use it, and loves it.”  
The ProjectoWrite was first introduced at CES in 2007, winning the Cherry Picks/Newstips award for product innovation. In following months the ProjectoWrite received a “Highly Recommended” rating on where Anthony Marsh had this to say “If you’re, in fact, looking for a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, pioneering, or trailblazing piece of technology that could very well redefine (enhance is probably a better word) consumer presentation projectors by offering true, interactive performance, along with total user control and freedom, look no further than the ProjectoWrite by Boxlight.”  The ProjectoWrite2 has been reviewed by Paul Gilmore, an industry known projector reviewer who has this to say The ProjectoWrite2 is truly a one of a kind projector.”
In addition to the built-in interactive whiteboard technology, the ProjectoWrite2/W is a fully functional LCD projector featuring 3000 lumens with XGA resolution. Users have the ability to write on the screen with a “light pen” or “stylus” (ships with both). A keyboard can be pulled up for normal keyboard functions, pen color and line thickness can be selected and any notes taken can be saved as image files for future use. The ProjectoWrite2/W ships with software that is simple to install.
BOXLIGHT has been developing and manufacturing award winning projectors since its inception in 1985. We pride ourselves in offering industry leading technical support and ISF Certified® service available 24 hours / 7 days per week / 365 days per year – for the lifetime of the product.
BOXLIGHT’s ability to respond to customer needs allows for personalized service and an unbeatable relationship with dealers and partners. BOXLIGHT is able to build products to specification or customize product on an individual basis.
BOXLIGHT offers one of the best service and support packages available with a three-year parts and labor warranty and a 90-day or 500-hour (whichever comes first) lamp guarantee on all new products. 
BOXLIGHT operations encompass sales in the United States and worldwide. Headquarters are located in Belfair, Washington with offices in Mexico City, Taiwan and China. BOXLIGHT products and services are available on-line at or by calling (360)464-2119.
To find a dealer in your area please contact a BOXLIGHT representative at 360.464.2119 or
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