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Off The Beaten Path
Posted on Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Off The Beaten Path

July 25, 2023 - When Practice Throws You a Curveball... Every once in a while, your practice ends up in the middle of nowhere.

Whether it’s because you’re traveling to a show, practicing before an away game, or someone forgot to reserve the field… whatever happened, amid the scramble to get everyone there, set up, and practice, there can be a zen-like peace.

Anchor Audio makes it easy to wander off the beaten path, and still have a successful practice..


Not every curveball comes with a sigh of relief. Most of the time, curveballs come with stress. You have to get people there, get equipment there, and make use of whatever daylight remains.

It's all so stressful!

Except from your Anchor Audio PA system. Our PA systems exude peace.

Peace from knowing that your portable sound solution can follow you anywhere, wherever that ends up being...  An abandoned field, that empty parking lot, behind the grocery store? 

Sure! Any place will work. Anchor Audio systems are battery-powered so you don’t need to worry about plugging in. Ever.

They're also self-contained in rugged cases that were built to move around. Drag it over a grassy lot, or roll it down a concrete sidewalk. No problem!

No matter where you go, your Anchor Audio PA system will follow you there. Just put it in place turn it on, and go. It works every time.

Now if you could just get your drum line to do that.