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Anchor Audio, Inc.

ANCHOR AUDIO . . .THE LEADER IN CRYSTAL CLEAR PORTABLE SOUND! Anchor Audio is the sound professional's choice. In the studio, on the set, or in front of a live audience...Wherever high-quality sound presentation is required you can count on Anchor Audio to deliver!

Model: GG-BP1

The Go Getter Basic Package 1 includes a GG2-U2, SS-550, and choice of one wireless handheld mic or headband and lapel mic with belt pack.
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How To: Pair Your AnchorLink Wireless Microphone and Belt Pack
Posted on Monday, July 9, 2018

It's true, we've made using your Anchor Audio sound system even easier with a one-time microphone pairing feature! Follow the simple steps below, or watch the instructional video, to pair your AnchorLink wireless handheld mic or belt pack, and you're done! The next time you turn on your sound system and microphone, they'll already be paired. 

Pairing AnchorLink Wireless Microphones:

  1. Turn on Mic Receiver (Volume knob clockwise) then hold Pairing button until green light for Mic 1 flashes, release button.

  2. Turn on Mic then press and hold Mute button until Mic red light turns off, release button.

  3. Press and hold Mute button again until Mic green light flashes.

  4. The Mic is paired when the green light is solid on both the Mic and Mic Receiver.

  5. Repeat these steps for Mic 2 on the same Mic Receiver (Mic 1 will stay paired through this process). If applicable, repeat these steps for Mic 3 and 4 on Mic Receiver 2.