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Founded in 2016 within the NYU Innovation Lab, EIR Healthcare is a modular healthcare technology firm. Its innovative flagship product, MedModular™, is the world’s first “patient room in a box.” With smart room features preinstalled and ready to plug-in, MedModular rooms are fully adaptable and customizable, providing improved workflows for caretakers and a vastly improved experience for patients. MedModular rooms are delivered 90% complete, which helps streamline the installation process and reduces construction time by up to 40%.


Each MedModular room is designed to offer an optimal patient experience, with enhanced safety and a reduced risk of infection. To support that experience, the product design team at EIR Healthcare was focused on making it as easy as possible for patients to control everything in the room, including lighting, entertainment, and access to the patient portal using intuitive technology.


Integrate Crestron room control, lighting control, and wireless presentation technology to provide patients and staff with an easy to manage solution using tablets and voice commands. 


In addition to two iPad® tablets for room control, one for patient use and the other for healthcare professionals, each room features voice command control via the Amazon® Alexa® virtual assistant, paired with a powerful Crestron control system. Alexa commands mimic controls that already existed in the room, making for easy adoption by patients and caregivers.

AirMedia® wireless presentation technology in each room enables patients and healthcare professionals to view test results and other significant findings together on the in-room 55" display. The portal also empowers patients to customize their in-room experience. They can easily select meals and entertainment, plus adjust the lights, all from the comfort of their bed.


With a major assist from Crestron, smart MedModular rooms are now equipped with control technology that helps healthcare providers deliver improved, cost-effective care. Patients benefit too, with a more comfortable, safer experience during their stay, and better outcomes – much appreciated by their families, as well. “We are constantly talking with clients to look at what kinds of improvements we can make,” says Mauri Lawler, Chief Clinical Office, EIR Healthcare. “With Crestron, we are able to collaborate to provide the most beneficial experiences for patients.”