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British University Vietnam (BUV) is the first and only international university in Vietnam to award direct degrees from the most prestigious universities in the UK. With a wide network of more than 300 enterprise partners in various fields and internship programs, BUV helps students gain professional knowledge and practical skills to embark on their careers immediately after graduation. BUV’s new campus in Ecopark Township combines state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities with an iconic design that is recognized as one of the best educational environments in Asia.


The team at BUV required a seamless integration of world-class audiovisual systems that would complement the various learning and teaching methods that match the standards provided in UK schools for their Vietnamese students. BUV has a diverse range of classrooms including a learning kitchen, a motion capture studio, innovation and computer labs, as well as lecture halls. Additionally, the leadership team decided to create new, technology-enabled experiential learning spaces for their students and faculty


BUV partnered with Hoang Minh JSC to design and integrate audiovisual and room control systems throughout their newly expanded campus. Together, they identified Crestron as the ideal manufacturer to provide those solutions.


Hoang Minh designed an AV system with Crestron at the core that integrated audio, visual, camera, recording, and display solutions, all while maintaining a growing number of devices and building operations on a secure network. Crestron DigitalMedia™ technology brought BUV a wide range of connectivity options to distribute industry-standard AV signals. Crestron Fusion® software provides remote monitoring and control of all AV equipment in multiple spaces across the campus via the campus network. Features include remote help desk and device monitoring to resolve events quickly and real-time alerts that allow support staff to proactively manage events so rooms can be fully functional and ready for the next lecture. "Crestron integrates systems and technologies that typically operate in silos to work together as a single system," said Nguyen Hoang Trung, ICT Director at British University Vietnam. "Crestron Fusion software adds a layer of intelligence by providing powerful tools that really make BUV a high-performance campus.” Energy-saving automated scenes power display monitors on at the start of classes and power off at day’s end. Hoang Minh also designed the system with activity-based modes that lecturers can choose from, depending on what they would like to achieve in the classroom. For example, lecturers can activate the recording system with the touch of a button.


BUV managed to implement an AV system that works seamlessly in tandem with their classroom’s architecture. Crestron’s centralized management and control of its robust ecosystem helps the AV and IT teams at BUV reduce operational resources and future-proof their infrastructure. Together, they deliver a learning space that is truly state-of-the-art, in aesthetics and functionality alike.