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Longtan Branch Taoyuan Public Library

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Longtan Branch Taoyuan Public Library
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Longtan Branch Taoyuan Public Library
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Located in Taoyuan, northwestern Taiwan, Longtan Branch Taoyuan Public Library, is a four-story building that blends knowledge, art, and ecology with technology to create a multi-sensory experience for visitors. The new design applies the concept of yin and yang and the 24 solar terms of Traditional Chinese calendar to create a four-season garden, a place where all visitors can relax and enjoy community activities.


In the past, Librarians need to independently manage and control of each space and systems therein, such as lighting, curtains, AV, door locks, and HVAC. Limited manpower increases the challenge of management. For the new public library 2.0, the team wants a solution that would enable better and easier control of every space, as well as comply with their environmentally conscious policies


To meet the objectives, systems Integrator WiMart Technology Inc. was enlisted to provide the system design, solutions, and integration to create a seamless control experience for the staff. WiMart built the system using Crestron control solutions, Crestron DM NVX® AV-overIP technology, and Crestron Fusion® Cloud enterprise management software.


A Crestron control system provides a single platform to integrate and easily control all of the disparate systems and technologies within the Library. This ensures a greener and more productive environment for both staff and guests. “Multi-system control via Crestron is easy and intuitive, as it can run multiple programs simultaneously. If we need to update one program, it does not affect the other programs, which is a big plus,” said Peter Kuo, General Manager, WiMart Technology. The first floor of the Library accommodates a multi-functional theatre, which features a projection system. To transport ultra-high-definition 4K60 video over the library’s Ethernet network, DM NVX encoder/ decoder endpoints were installed. The solution offers auto-switching of HDMI® inputs, as well as scaling of HDMI outputs to ensure perfectly projected images. The theatre also features a wall-mounted Crestron touch screen with a highly intuitive custom user interface for simple control of the projection system. Extra care was taken to ensure that the icons representing the various equipment and facilities within the space were easily recognisable. In the event of a technical issue in the theatre, WiMart also installed a SIP phone beside the touch screen so that users can communicate with operational staff for rapid resolution.

The multiple library floors are divided into zones for easy control of the various spaces. Staff at the reception counter can monitor and manage all systems through the Crestron Fusion software installed on their computers. Crestron Fusion has also been a true game-changer for staff thanks to its real-time equipment alerts and data reporting. Each control zone, other than the multi-functional theatre, also features a stylish wall mounted Crestron Cameo® keypad, which enables users to control all of the basic facilities within.


With Crestron, staff and guests at Longtan Branch Taoyuan Public Library now enjoy an incredibly simple and efficient way to control and manage the various systems and technologies across the facility. They have, indeed, created the library of the future that they envisioned.