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NEC Display Enhances the Moviegoer Experience from Lobby to Auditorium

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NEC Display Enhances the Moviegoer Experience from Lobby to Auditorium
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NEC Display Enhances the Moviegoer Experience from Lobby to Auditorium

Today’s movie theaters aren’t solely centered on the action on the silver screen anymore – with the rise of streaming services’ endless content on demand keeping film buffs glued to their living room couches, theaters need to wow their patrons from the entry door to the theater seats. NEC Display Solutions’ new headquarters, therefore, includes a digital cinema vignette within its Briefing Center – a 6,000-square-foot space divided into 10 dedicated staging areas for each of its main verticals – to show theater owners and operators how employing the latest digital technologies can help get people off the couch and going to the movies.

The Digital Cinema Vignette

For theater operators, success can hinge on providing an enhanced cinema experience for moviegoers through the use of technology within lobby areas and the latest in projection technology. From the minute customers engage with the theater outside via digital movie posters; through the lobby via ticketing kiosks, concession and entertainment areas via digital menu boards, large screens in bar areas; and into the auditorium itself with 4K digital cinema projectors, digital display solutions and projectors have the power to deliver a transformative cinema experience. In order to create more usable space, some operators have moved away from projection booth designs to add more seating and increase the amount of tickets available for purchasing. The digital cinema vignette showcases how a digital cinema projector can be mounted with a Draper Fly cage, allowing for projection booths to be removed from the design entirely.

The built-in NP-90MS02-4K (IMS) of the NC2041L delivers DCI-certified content from its RAID-configured hard drives while also connecting to an external source (PC or Blu-ray) via HDMI to show alternative content. The RB laser and color capabilities exceeding the DCI color space allow the projector to shine when either standard DCI content or content connected through the HDMI input is displayed. Coupled with a high-contrast image, customers can experience images and videos that are designed for both digital cinema and large-venue applications. Its native 4K resolution and RB laser creates dynamic images with maximum detail for the ultimate cinema experience. For digital signage or alternate content , the NP-PX1005QL with 4K resolution showcases how projection can be used within the lobby or bar areas. Its lamp-free projection uses blue laser technology, ensuring 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation. “The digital cinema vignette highlights solutions from NEC Display and our partners that allow theater operators to elevate the cinema experience,” said Richard McPherson, NEC Display Senior Product Manager. “Our goal is to present to customers the cutting-edge digital cinema projectors and digital signage solutions that lead to lasting impressions on moviegoers, ensuring repeat business.”