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The new Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) facility provides researchers, industry/business clients, and area institutions and organizations with over 300,000 square feet of configurable space to meet their individual group needs. Among many intended functions, the BRIC plans include spaces for symposia and meeting halls on all three floors that called for multimedia technology suitable for presentations, conferences, workshops, and forums. Due to the highly collaborative and multifaceted nature of the kinds of tenants utilizing space at the BRIC, plans for this space call for a flexible design that accommodates multiple presenter locations controlled from numerous different locations, with no on-site AV support for day-to-day operations. Additionally, the AV closets designed for these spaces were very small, so available room for rack-mounted equipment was a concern.

To accomplish the University’s goals with this facility, an AMX Enova DGX/DVX serves as the centralized AV management tool for all three locations. The Enova DGX/DVX hardware provides a comprehensive solution for complex control, switching, scaling and distribution of video in a single, compact enclosure that met our rack space requirements. Furthermore, the Modero X Series touch panels give end-users complete control of all sources and displays in a user-friendly design that doesn’t require much AV training or support. Bobby Cryns, Facility Director for the BRIC, summed up our utilization of AMX technology like this: “Due to high utilization by groups within Baylor University and the various stakeholders, the audio/video solution in the symposium spaces at the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) needed to be high quality, robust and simple to operate. The solution provided by AMX and proposed by the Baylor Electronic Library meets, or exceeds, all the objectives/requirements. From the perspective of the user, operation is intuitive with a very impressive end result. Based on the success of this solution, the demand on these symposium spaces continues to increase.”

"The multi-functional capabilities of the Enova provide a very robust solution while using fewer components and wires, which results in a design that is much easier to maintain and troubleshoot if any issues occur in the future."

– Conner Krey, Assistant Director of Classroom Technology