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Biamp Systems - The University of Oregon Hatfield-Dowlin Football Complex

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Biamp Systems - The University of Oregon Hatfield-Dowlin Football Complex
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Biamp Systems - The University of Oregon Hatfield-Dowlin Football Complex
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Funded by Nike® founder Phil Knight, the University of Oregon’s (UO) new $68 million, 145,000 square foot Hatfield-Dowlin Football Complex was tapped to be the most advanced training center for collegiate football. The audio/video solution selected needed to create an environment that supported UO Ducks football training both on the field and off, with clear, high-quality audio for a variety of applications such as training rooms, practice fields, conference rooms, and more.


Eric Boyd, System Integration Manager for CompView Audio Visual Solutions and Support, used a combination of Biamp’s AudiaFLEX digital audio platforms and Nexia® CS digital signal processors. This enabled CompView to install a robust digital signal processing (DSP) solution across the new facility.

The Biamp audio system provides crystal-clear audio for all AV coaching sessions across the building on any video wall, signage panel, or projector within the theaters, meeting rooms, locker rooms, or cafeteria areas. Coaches can also speak directly to players via the system through wireless microphones within any of the building’s facilities. To further the training experience, AudiaFLEX allows Hatfield-Dowlin’s practice field to be instantly transformed into a game-time stadium-like experience for players — blasting an incredibly loud 115 decibels of crowd noise through line array of speakers. Again, access points allow the solution to be controlled onsite from the playing field or directly from the building’s dedicated control room. In addition to AudiaFLEX, the Nexia CS provides audio for the coaching staff’s videoconferencing requirements while also delivering audio across community-building areas such as the player’s lounge where athletes rest, recuperate, and interact.


In constructing its new Hatfield-Dowlin Football Complex, the University of Oregon has changed the way colleges attract talent to their programs. Instead of solely investing in fan-based areas such as stadiums and merchandising, UO chose to turn its efforts inward by targeting both future and present-day students, athletes, and coaching staff. Since the inauguration of the new complex, student-athletes have experienced strong athletic and academic results. The results of this new world-class facility speak for themselves. The University of Oregon has quickly become one of the main players on the recruitment and expectations are that more Duck players will move on to the NFL in the years to come.